Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Support from Alpha 1 Awareness UK


Everyone loves Facebook as a way to keep in touch. We have a Private area where anyone connected to Alpha-1 can talk in a safe environment knowing that no one, other than another member, can see what they are saying. You don’t have to be a big talker, you don’t have to log in every day to see who is saying what. The group is there to help support those diagnosed with the condition, their family and friends, who want to find out more, as well as be part of our Alpha community. We like to think of this as our ‘Alpha Family’ area as we are like one big family, connected in a very special way.

We like people talking about non-Alpha related subjects as well, like holidays, food, pets, children, gardens, …, … As long as it is not offensive.

If you would like to join this Group, all we ask is that you have a connection to Alpha-1.

Due to the vetting process, we deal with all requests in the following way:-

  1. Go to our Facebook Group by going to
  2. Click on the green button ‘+ Join group’
  3. You will receive a friend request from Glyn Cockaday (our Facebook Admin), Accept this request.
  4. Glyn will then send you a message asking for your connection to Alpha-1. Reply to the message.
  5. Provided you meet the criteria you will then be added to our Group.
  6. A message will be added to our group welcoming you & introducing you to everybody.
  7. Then it is up to you to introduce yourself to our other members



We also have a Facebook page at this is a public page for posting information that can be seen by the public. We usually duplicate our public posts in our private Facebook Group.